BADASS RAVIKUMAR | Title Announcement Teaser

BADASS RAVIKUMAR | Title Announcement Teaser | Himesh Reshammiya | The Xposé Universe

The Xpose franchise now goes to the next level with Himesh Reshammiya doing a spin off from his iconic character Ravi Kumar from his hit film ‘The Xpose’ in the new big screen action musical entertainer titled ‘Badass Ravi Kumar’ in which he is up against 10 sensational villainsm In the next installment of ‘The Xpose’ universe, Himesh Reshammiya revives his popular character that gained immense fandom in 2014 with ‘Badass Ravi Kumar’ taking the action, drama, music and entertainment to the next level. All the dialogues of Ravi Kumar are iconic, with audiences making each of them viral and timeless. So here it is – Himesh Reshammiya Melodies presents the title announcement teaser of the biggest musical action entertainer ‘Badass Ravi Kumar’ which is all set to release nationwide in 2023.

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